terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2007

«The Day After Tomorrow»

Nowadays, almost everyone knows that our planet isn't good. There are problems that affect and destroy it, however many people don't worry. This is bad! If humans continue with this action, the end of the World can be «near» and this is not an exaggeration: global warming can put an end on our lives.

In generality, people think that this is a future problem and they are a lot of time to have worries with it. It isn't true! That's why, it is so important informing and sensibilizing people to take an attitude against.
There are many ways to give a little contribution to help to protect the environment and, many times, we don't have conscience that is so easy. The simple fact of choosing a public transport instead of a privete transport or having a shower instead of a bath, helps to save our plant.
Fighting against Earth's destruction is important and it's a thing that is in us.

P.S.: I know that the title is a name of science-fiction film (i've ever seen), but I thought interesting put it as a title of this text, because they are related.

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