domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2007

Car Racing

England have a huge tradition in “Car Racing”. The first race of “Formula 1” realized in England .In that time the races have a two categories of pilots the “professionals” and the “Sunday Pilots”.
The races and the cars started an evolution and of course the spectators too.
Actually the races are more safety with doctors in the place of the race and an enormous and good structure inside the car.
Although the “Car Racing” create an enormous community of millionaires because everything is very expensive, the inscriptions, the travels, the penalties, the development of the car, the training of the pilot and the team, and the salary of the team inside and outside, etc.
Every team have his structure in the track or in one city that they chose. Examples: “Ford Rally Team” is in England (I don’t know the name of the city), “Toyota F1 Team” is in Cologne in German.

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