domingo, 21 de outubro de 2007

The Best Way to Learn a Foreign Language

There are many languages, and nowadays it's almost mandatory to speak, at least, one foreign language. To know a foreign language means to have a contact with a different culture and different people. That's why it's important to find a way to learn a foreign language.
In my opinion, films and songs can help us learn another language. When we watch a film, we associate the speech to subtitles, or we can guess the meaning of words that we don't know by associating them to actions we see. When we listen to a song, if we are really interested in it, we try to understand the meaning of the song and we read its lyrics.
The classroom can be a good place to learn a language. However, it can be limited, because it is better to interact with people whose mother tongue is the one that we want to learn. That's why that attending a chatroom or having pen pals are two of the best ways to understand another language. Nevertheless, I think that the best way to learn a foreign language is studying abroad (or living in another country), because in this case, we must use another language for everything we do, to talk with someone and to be understood and to understand people, that "forces" us to know the foreign language well.

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Hunkston disse...

I recently decided to broaden my horizons and decided to learn a new language; the question is what should I learn? I’ve asked a few friends and they were useless! Everyone was telling me something different, in the end I have decided to attempt to learn Turkish. I work in business and the power Japan and China has keeps growing and growing, so learning a bit of the language could be a massive help in my future career. Does anybody know of any reasonably priced but high-quality language learning software?